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Why I Got My Boyfriend of 3 Months to Test His Sperm Count

Crazy? No. Proactive.

Monday, January 23 ‍
by Blaire Miller

"Let me make this clear upfront. I definitely want a family one day."

That's what I told him within 25 minutes of sitting down on our first date.

Having spent the last year and a half wasting time with an ex who neither wanted to commit to me, or ever have kids, I wanted to be upfront this time around.

Lots of women feel like mentioning a desire for kids on the first date might scare guys off.

So they avoid the subject, waste time, and if their partner expresses disinterest in having a family one day, hope his feelings change.

Ladies! This is the wrong approach. Trust me, I learned this the hard way and wasted a year and a half with a man who didn't want the same life I did.

Any man who doesn't share your life goals is not the man for you! Life is short, you need to prioritize yourself and make sure you get what you want out of it.

Lucky for me, the man I was now sitting in front of in a french themed coffee shop shared the same vision. He was even happy I asked!

And Then I Upped the Stakes...

I've been seeing a lot of TikToks about the decline in fertility, and more specifically the massive decline in sperm counts over recent years.

This naturally piqued my curiosity. Being the journalist girly that I am, I did some research.

Well, according to a study published in the Human Reproduction Update, sperm counts have declined 50% in the last 50 years! Whoa. This is getting freaky.

But what does this mean? Physical abnormalities, down syndrome, higher rates of autism, and birth defects (the list goes on and on) have been sky-rocketing.

Diving a little deeper, I found that everyday harmful chemicals called phthalates may be to blame.

And these things are EVERYWHERE. From soaps and shampoos, to plastic water bottles (before you ask, your beloved Stanley is fine) to those non-stick pans I use(d) daily.

Phthalates basically mimic estrogen in a man's body. They seep into his blood through these everyday household items and tell his hormonal system to stop producing testosterone and, you guessed it, sperm.

They even harm and KILL sperm that has already been produced.

I'm Proactive, and You Should Be Too

Naturally, I ran over to my (now) boyfriend and asked him if he knew about all of this. He said he had no idea, and according to research, most guys don't.

In fact, even though male factor infertility contributes to ~50% of all causes of infertility, women's testing and treatment makes up the vast majority of time and money spent.

In other words, women spend thousands of dollars and go through all sorts of invasive procedures before guys even know if they're firing a fully loaded gun!

Quick aside: Did you know that IVF and ICSI are unsuccessful 60-70% of the time, lead to higher rates of genetic abnormalities like down syndrome, and require women to get injections straight into their uterus? It's definitely not an easy and stress-free process.

So I looked into getting him checked out. I started this relationship being intentional about my future. I'm not stopping now.

Plus, if he tests low, its not the end of the world -- there are tons of research backed things guys can do to improve sperm count and quality. You just have to start early!

Affordable and Reliable

As it turns out, testing sperm count is actually pretty easy!

Gone are the days of collecting a "sample" in a cold doctor's office with some questionable magazines as "inspiration."

You can actually do it all at home.

There are a few mail-in kits that you can do from home but they cost over $200 and you have to wait about a week to see your results -- I'm impatient and on a budget so not for me.

So we landed on the tadpole male sperm count test. It's affordable, easy, and you get your results in minutes.

It basically tells you whether or not your man's sperm count is above or below a healthy threshold to conceive. Simple, reliable, no frills. Exactly what I was looking for.

Curious Couples, Newlyweds, and Health Conscious Partners Take Notice!

So we ordered the test, he took it (with a little bit of my help, of course). And minutes later we had our results! His sperm was all good!

And I can't even begin to tell you what a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I'm so happy I know this part of our potential future is taken care of. My boyfriend was super happy with the whole process too.

I've been recommending this to all of my girl friends for peace of mind. There is literally no downside.

Bottom line: if you're serious about this man, get him tested ASAP.

Tadpole is running a big 30% off limited time discount. You can order a test for just $35.

In my book, that's a small price to pay for your future family!

P.S. A little tip for you ladies: Just buy it for him first and tell him about it later. He'll be happy to take it once you offer a "helping hand."

For a limited time, you can save 30% when you order Tadpole®.

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